Get Paid to make money Stupid

Its amazing to me that every Thursday I meet with a group of millionaire, out of the box thinkers that are showing ambitious people how to maximize their lives while they are alive and healthy and I cant give the info away. I mean out of millions of people in chicago who are struggling, very few are willing to take action to change their situation. You would not believe the excuses I hear.

How Many of you can say that you had an EXTRODINARY Day

Today was great, I was  surrounded around a large group of entrepreneurial people that cultivate growth and prosperity instead of trying to stifle your thoughts. It was very refreshing to be in the company of millionaire men and women who don’t mine sharing their secrets to wealth.

As their are millions of average income earning Americans in the world today and they are looking for a way out, I feel totally blessed to collaborate with uber ambitious, super successful out of the box thinkers who have showed me the importance of educating myself and putting that education to use. If the hundreds of people I’ve come across over the past couple of years understood how empowering entrepreneurial education was, They would be calling me 24/7.  Getting Paid to be in business for yourself is very rewarding. When you are in search of more meaning for your life and are actually able to surround yourself around people who are making the kinds of accomplishments you want to see and making a difference in the lives of others you would be hard pressed not to listen up. I hear you and I thank you. You will go down in my history books.